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Otometrics, the world leader in clinical audiological instrumentation faced a challenge when taking their latest product to market. The Otoscan ear scanner was developed as an alternative to making ear molds using silicon impressions.  However, the scanner could be perceived as costly compared to the technology it replaced. 

Together with the client, we developed a strategy, a visual identity and an international cross-platform campaign promoting Otoscan, not just as a silicon replacement but as a new way for audiologists to interact and personalize the way they counsel their clients.  A go-to-market strategy was also created promoting Otometrics as thought-leaders in patient counselling.

Highlights included pre-release SoMe posts encouraging visits to Otometrics landing pages with tips and tricks around client counselling and post-release SoMe encouraging audiences to visit another landing page with tips and trips around using Otoscan itself in client counselling.

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