Alfa Laval campaign

Alfa Laval Bio-Based Chemicals

Alfa Laval, one of the largest producers of specialised products for heavy industry, came to Clarity with the task of creating a campaign for their Bio-Based Chemicals division. They needed a a strong message and visual identity to sit within the Alfa Laval branding that was both flexible to be used across different media, and represent the Bio-based chemical division in a graphic way.

We took a cue from molecular diagrams and illustrations and created a modular graphic identity with a key hexagonal shape. This could be used to hold images or text and therefore was an easy and dynamic way to create print and digital media that had a common thread but also represented the way Alfa laval puts the the right equipment together to support the customers processes – the tagline ‘Equipped for success’ supported our message that Alfa laval is the perfect partner to make your Bio-baased chemical processes a success!

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